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Deal with Problems Before They Happen

03/13/2015 Back To Blog

Why should you deal with garage door problems if you can prevent them? Although parts will eventually wear anyway, the secret is for you to enjoy good door performance in the meantime. The material of garage door parts will wear after many years of use and you take care of them. Problems begin when parts are not in good condition and problems with the performance of the door. The door might not open or close and in some occasions it might get stuck mid-way up or down. These are the problems we are faced with but these are actually the symptoms of problems. See it this way. Your overhead door didn't decide to stop moving one nice morning. There are reasons why the door refuses to move and they would be related to parts, which malfunction.


Maintenance is always the best solution

Garage Door Maintenance and RepairSometimes, the reasons for a symptom (like a door not opening) are associated with several problems rather than simply one. For example, if the door doesn't open, it might be due to broken garage door springs, a problematic motor or a locked door. A door might not come down due to track dents and, for the same reason, it might also get jammed mid-way down. It's crucial for you to keep in mind that the door performs fine when its parts are fine. So, your attention must fall on them.


The rule above all rules for the avoidance of problems is garage door maintenance. Routine services do exactly that: prevent problems from ever taking place. Since such services usually take place every six or seven months, it's equally vital to check parts during the time in between services. If one of the extension garage door springs is weak in October but you are planning to service the system in March, it's best to check and possibly replace the springs now. In other words, when parts start showing some weakness or sign of defects, take care of them right away. The longer you wait, the worse the damage. It will cost you more in repairs but also hassle. The best way to prevent problems is to take care of parts regularly.

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