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Why is the garage door opener running but the door isn’t moving?

This could simply mean that the door is not engaged. Inspect the emergency release cord and make sure it is not pulled. If it is, simply reengage the door. If you are not sure how to do this, consult your manual. The process of reengaging your garage door depends on the model type.

Why won’t my garage door open when I click the remote?

There are two potential issues here. The remote control probably has drained out the battery or it needs to be reprogrammed. Check if the door opens with the wall button. If it does, replace the clicker battery. If not, you may need to reprogram. Consult your manual on how to do this.

The door opener recently broke. Should I fix it or purchase a new one?

According to our garage door repair technicians, a garage door opener, when broken, can still be fixed instead of being replaced. But those manufactured prior to 1993 need to be replaced altogether as they are not equipped with the safety features found in openers these days and may not ensure your safety and security.

How do I lubricate my screw drive opener?

Use lubricant which is recommended or approved by the opener’s manufacturer. While the door is closed, apply the product over small sections of the metal rod some several inches apart. Do not put too much lubricant. When you are done, open and close the door with the opener. This should help to spread the lubricant properly.

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